Fabric of Thought ~ M The Movement NYFW

M The Movement, designer Simplicio Michael Luis Asis Herrera, at New York Style Fashion Week. The fall winter 2017 collection brings the global community inspiration to the runway, while remaining true to the brand identity. 


M The Movement designed this collection while living in Malaysia. Herrera states, “living and working out of Malaysia the last year, has me utilizing motifs from Malaysia. The hats in particular are from a traditional Malaysian suits. As well as the baggy lounge pants.”

Meeting M The Movement designer at Style Fashion Week FW14 in Los Angeles. His focus at that time was eco-friendly luxurious street wear. The 2017 collection continued with the same concept focusing on believe and love.

This collections takes on the luxury street fashion from street to the office. The attention to the details in this street fashion menswear can go from day-to-night while keeping the “man” in mind.

The show starts with a shirtless man draped with a scarf. The model on the walk back removed the scarf to show the labels face brand with the words, “More Love” feeling the traditional streetwear. The show develops from the traditional streetwear. The show closes with an edgy street business wear including the fashion forward murse.

The details continue with styling. The hair is for each model is specific to complete each design. The details with watches, shoes, and the murse add the complete look for each look.

The womenswear collection takes the same attention to details with clothing that can go from day to night with separates for a new look for his “woman’s” liking. The styling details are specific for each look. The hair down with soft waves. Makeup a soft natural look. The runway show presents a “fabric of thought,” communicating the designer’s message that you can wrap your body to communicates a message.

Herrera states,

 ” The Love More tee series was created to promote the very thing that everything is based from . . . LOVE!  The lack of it can cause wars, yet the surplus of it heals the world. Over the years, many from all walks of life have supported the Love More tee for this very reason. Today, there is even more of a reason for support. The Love More Foundation (501)3)(c)(#3842594) was created in 2015 to serve all communities around the world.”

Jeff Timmos of 98 Degrees and Layzie Bone from Bone Thugs and Harmony performing in t-shirts created by the awarding winning t-shirt designer. His t-shirts are world renowned and this collection continued with his face as well as lips on the womenswear.

Herrera designs including creations for Adrien Grenier, Britney Spears, and the Black Eyed Peas and more recently, getting support from Reshon Fegan (Disney), Carly Rae-Jepsen (singer of hit “Call Me Maybe”), Big Sean, Perez Hilton, and the Jersey Shore crew. His talent and business sense developed a fashion brand that goes from street to stage.

The t-shirts with his face has been a tradition and branding for his fashion designs for years. Herrera started his fashion design after teaching fashion and graphic design at F.I.D.M. (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) while working at the same time with Karl Kani Jean (the Godfather of Hip Hop/Urban fashion). He was awarded How to Run a Fashion Company.  The t-shirt takes the brand all over the world with the message of love and brand awareness. His business sense continues to grow this brand with fashion that will be generational.

Herrera takes M The Movement to the next season with luxury fabric choices, modern street wear that creates a personal look. The line stays true to itself with with an emphasis on eco friendly fabrics with humanitarian efforts.


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