Easy Breezy Beach Time J. Sea

Style Fashion Week presents fashion in Palm Springs.
J. Sea by Joshua Christensen Style Fashion Week

Joshua Christensen takes his love of Venice Beach and creates a swimwear line. He titles this casual beach and swimwear with his a play on his initial (J.C  the collection name J. Sea). This collection features men and women’s swimwear with casual wear for a day at the beach.

Christensen created the spring summer 2017 collection from inspiration while at the beach. He enjoys the beach each Sunday with a group of friends. He realized there are just a few items that would make the day at the beach more comfortable and enjoyable.

The clothing is full of coverups for men and women with easy fun fabrics. The coverups developed after a beach photo shoot when the men did not have something to cover up during down time. The swimwear is fitting, comfortable, and great prints.  Christensen’s swimwear brings fun to your water adventures.

Christensen is from the great town, Snohomish WA. When he was 19 he moved to Argentina to serve and teach for 2 years. He graduated from BYU and started a regular banking job. He realized that he was not happy with this life path.

Christensen moved to LA on his dream of fashion design. He completed top of his Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. He then took on a next great adventure with Project Runway. He states, “This experience brought the reality of the harshness of the industry. Working with the criticism. Heidi Klum’s ripping you a new butt hole you know you can move forward. This is the worse criticism you will get. Time to move forward.”

Christensen returned to LA upon elimination. He worked with Guess as a menswear designer. He loved the experience, but wanted to use his inspiration and talent for his own business. He set up shop in a studio apartment.  He works with private clients and has a boutique in downtown LA. His custom designs work with Galvin PR .

Christensen has taken ownership of his brand, design, and production. He will continue to bring exclusive designs for the runway and clients worldwide.



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