Styling, Fashion, & Beauty Trends 2017

Starting a new year many take a moment to set a resolution. A great resolution is setting own style. This brings a fresh new look, start, and time to go shopping. The year 2017 will be a year with many great styling, fashion, and beauty trends.

The top trend to 2017 is a flashback step to the 80s. Allure Magazine states, “Apparently, in 2017 we’ll all be wearing 1980s-inspired clothing, at least according to two of the latest analytical forecasts of next year’s trends.” This will be big hair, shoulders, and pop culture from electronic music and movies. Post your favorite 1980s trends here.

High Pony Tails

Hair trends will be the slick and shinny, the really wet look. Get out that flat iron and get those golden locks straight. Creating a high pony tails and the occasional waves is a change during the year. Grow out those layers it is about straight edges and blunts. Maily O’Neil, owner at Mai Salon El Paseo, states, “trends starts with yourself. Everyone has a different texture, and needs with our personal life. Protect your hair with sunscreen or product worth using. Your hair is an investment. Hair is like fabric the more you use it the more it falls apart.” Long gone is the colors of the rainbow bring on the golden blonde for the hair trend this year.

Nails often get an overlook with everyday styling. Finished nails gives your style a completed look. Tavao, Director at Makeup By Tavao, states, “The biggest nail trend for 2017 with be Glitter & Holographic nails.” You can create your nails with various shapes, super glam, flair, and colors. This trend is a way to tie your style together.

The shoe trend is lower heels and the mule. The days of 6″ heels are gone. Women are looking more for a comfortable shoe that is practical for walking. The shoe is the open back designed with fabric (embellished, velvet, satin, or canvas).  Will we see Lisa Vanderpump is a shorter heel with the trend?

Gabriel Styles Ua stylist to the celebrities, is looking forward to the continued embroidered lace and mesh from the fall winter 2016 trends. The embroidered lace look is a top trend creating an edge to classy styles. The corset is out the door, but this lace up look will bring a similar look. This trend will carry from shoes to formal gowns.

Makeup 4Chion Lifestyle
Makeup Trends 2017

Makeup trends help complete the look you are trying to style. Brenda Liz, make up artist for Style Fashion Week in Palm Springs, states, “purple and lila on lips, eyeshadow is burgundy.” The matte lip is changing to a light coat of lip gloss, glitter, and adding dimension. This will bring more shine and shape. Eyebrows are taking on a more straight natural look. The conturing trend will start to switch to a more nature fresh look. Is this trend taking a tip from Alicia Keys?

These trends can assist with creating your style for 2017. Pantone recently named the color for the year 2017 “Greenery.” This color will be a top hit with your fashion colors and all areas of design. Pantone states this color brings, “a new beginning, a refreshing, and revitalizing shade.” Wonder if stylist will use this color for this year’s award season?

Gabriel Styles U believes, “bringing ones image to life is simple. BE YOURSELF. Don’t conform to what people want or think you should look like. Wear your clothing with confidence, smile, and seize the day.” Have fun creating your beauty look for 2017. Please share your styling selfies here with #4ChionStyle.

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