Dress Up To Design ~ Shanna Gall

Shanna Gall brings her spring summer 2017 couture collection to Palm Springs. She brings a unique modern style to her love of the Renaissance and Crinoline period. This fashion collection will grace the red carpets and best parties for the upcoming season.

  • How did your life’s journey bring you to fashion design? 

“I was always fascinated by the female silhouette. The female body is art to me. Growing up as a little girl I loved to play dress up, mix and match outfits together, while styling my friends. I was deeply inspired by my grandmother, she was a seamstress. My grandmother made all of her children’s clothes, and hers as well. I knew I wanted to become a fashion designer so I perfected my craft in college where I learned about the history of costume, pattern making, fashion illustration, and much more. I gained confidence, and felt I was ready to say I’m now a fashion designer.”

  • As a business owner in fashion what is one piece of insight would you share? 

“I would say never give up, perfect your craft and follow your heart.”

  • What are the changes to fashion shows and runways you have seen in the last few years?

“I’ve noticed many changes. One that stands out to me is the range of ethnicity on runway show presentation, and gender.  Great range of show creativity, and using technology to our advantage has been rewarded. Consumers are able to see runways shows and purchase immediately, from any part of world.”

  • The inspiration for the collection? 

“My inspiration stemmed from me wanting women to embrace their assets. Create showstopper moments that are my inspiration. I wanted to created pieces that make women feel and look beautiful in. Glamorous Gowns and short cocktail dresses.”

  • What are the fabric choices for your collection? 

“Rich, lavish fabrications. I used silk, silk organza, silk satin, French beaded lace, sequence, hand crafted silk ruffles.”

  • What is the one thing you do each morning to start off your day? 

“I pray and mediate.”

  • When was a time when a fashion show or collection went from stress to best?

“My first stand alone show. I had to prove to myself I could showcase my line by myself. I felt many different ways. Stressed, unsure if I will be well received, if it would be a success or not, would people come. I conquered ever adversity and exceeded beyond my imagination. I was well received, my line was the talk of the town, so many people came all of my seats were talking we had to get more seats, plus people had to stand. I was voted among other past designer as best designer of the year.”

  • Working fashion shows what is a typical day start to finish? 

“Fashion Shows are hectic. Oversee production, models, model line up, runway line up, and making sure garments are all together ready to go. Fitting models, hair makeup, keep the energy high when you don’t have anymore, I can go on and on. However, you’ll know by the end of the night if fashion is truly your passion. It’s a rewarding feeling when you see people loving your line, that’s what’s important.”

Style Fashion Week presents fashion in Palm Springs.
Mckenzie Olsen and models with Shanna Gall
  • What is your niche in couture design? 

“My niche is creating one of a kind unique signature pieces. Embellishments such as hand crafted bead work to my signature hand made rosettes.”

The styling for the evening was soft waves for the hair, bold red lip, and soft eyes. Her handcrafted details work the runway to the awes of the attendees. Mckenzie Olsen closed out the runway in a gorgeous opened back-embellished gown. Shanna Gall’s love of playing dress up as a little girl has brought beauty to the female form.


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