Rocky Gathercole Wearable Fashion Art

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Rocky Gathercole Art Hearts Fashion 2016

Rocky Gathercole Atelier presets spring summer 2017 Avant Garde fashion. This season collection follows his tradition of strong moving art. The theme was animalistic in nature. His atypical designs and surprises provide a conversation that continues long after Art Hearts Fashion Week.

This season’s collection was bright in color and featured wildlife, unlike last years more romantic theme with gold, tulle, and metallic theme. This presented a very futuristic fashion incorporating animals, bugs, birds, and reptiles.

The collection brings the soft and harsh side of nature. Nature’s soft side presented with feathers, lacy tights, and rhinestones. The harsh side of nature presented with great use of metal masks, full-length leotards true to form with a futuristic feel. The color of each animal and bug was impressive.

The use of color in the collection captures the beauty of nature’s true coloration. The reptiles’ colors were vibrant and left the viewer in awe of the fashion creation. The use of metal for the birds provides a detail to each feather and wing presented a sense that the fashion may fly off the runway.

His ability to use various non-conventional materials to create beautiful fashion art continues with this runway. The use of feathers to provide volume, dimension, and a sense of realism is impressive. The treatment on the full-length leotards with the tears in the precise location brings a sense of scales on each snake and reptile.

Rocky Gathercole’s runway shows have impressed audiences for over 20 years. His collections continue to be shown from worldwide. His artistic niche continues to grow each year. He said in 2011 at Metrovelvet, “I love to surprise people.” This runway at Art Hearts Fashion Week provides a surprise.

“’Art Hearts Fashion’ Events are leading platform for designers and artist to showcase their collections in a contemporary fashion week setting. Our events have been held coast to coast as a national platform for designers to showcase in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Founded in 2011 by Philanthropist and designer Erik Rosete, AHF has grown to become a top platform in the art & fashion community.”

Art Hearts Fashion provides that platform for Rocky Gathercole each season. His designs continue to close out fashion weeks with a surprise, contemplation, and impression of fashion art.

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