Your Personal Brand Image

Many need to ensure that their branding includes their personal style, branding is no longer just for products. Our personal owner has branded her images as, “The lady in black and white.” When visiting with customers the staff refer to her as that. There are many celebrities, artists, and CEOs have found that having a personal style that brands yourself as the celebrity in your industry.


The Black and White Lady
Style Fashion Week, Besty Johnson Runway

Keeping the celebrity aspect of a personal style to your branding requires knowledge on how to make that work. Keeping your personal style something that is memorable. Keep your style simple to start. One simple item or concept will get your on your way to the recognition you are creating.

Many industry celebrities choose to dress in the exact same style each day. Steve Forbes and Mark Zuckerberg are two that have made their personal style unique by always being the same. Mark Zukerber says, “he wears the same outfit each day to make his life more simple.” (Sky News)

Josh Moreland, Carmen Electra, IFFA, Cinemoi

Carmen Electra, Mark Rhino Smith, & Josh Moreland


Branding yourself provides a connection to a concept or idea tying back to your expertise in a particular industry. You can think of many who present themselves as a strong brand and you know exactly what they represent. Mark Rhino Smith at Cinemoi added a pop of color matching the red carpet. Josh Moreland presents a strong image that is it best to be your. What a statement he made about his personality and style. A few actors that bring a strong personal image are:

This powerful branding brings forward a strong concept of your ability to perform well in your industry. Creating this brand image will increase your wealth, ability to gain sponsorship, connection to your business brand, and increase brand awareness.

Gabriel Styles U, Soo Yeon Lee, Hannah Kat Jones

Styling At The Best!
Soo Yoen Lee, Hannah Jones, & Gabriel Langenbrunner

Creating your personal style requires insight to your image and what your best represent industry. Gabriel Langbrunner, at Gabriel Styles U, says, “Bringing ones image to life is simple. BE YOURSELF. Don’t conform to what people want or think you should look like. Wear your clothing with confidence smile and seize the day.”  Have fun creating your own branding style. Please share your styling pictures in the comments below or @4ChionMarketing.


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