HarDior ~ Dior Menswear Autumn Winter 2017

Paris starts the runway season off with menswear. Many top designers present the autumn and winter collection for men. Dior’s autumn winter 2017 collection takes a little twist from the traditional high tailored suits to a double tailored collection.

The celebration of this new collection is to Mister Dior with black gloves, blacks with bold colors, and “a celebration of memories and dreams, The energy of youth as a means of facing the future.” This new styling is HarDior. It is an attitude of hardcore from mosh pits being pure and raw.

HarDior Dior Menswear AW17 4chion lifestyle
HarDior Dior AW17

HarDior is a collection that takes the traditional Dior necklace to a key chain. The classical is seen in the collection, but a new twist throughout the collection. The suit takes on a new meaning. The opening look suit is traditional with the hardcore to reach the man who is not a on suit wearing man.  The pants are above the ankle, sleeves 3/4 length, and accessories fitting for a modern man. The tie is a thinner tie with a great tie clip holding it in place.

HarDior Dior AW17

The styling and accessories fit well with the rave or party scene. The large satchels, pockets, and hooks perfect to carry items like your phone, laptop, or iPad. The great reflective sunglasses and hats bring a youthful touch to the finishing look.  The ability to capture the youth and adult man is key to the success of this line. It brings the monochromatic often found in suits, but adds bright splashes of color in the threading, accessories, or hats.


HarDior Dior 4Chion Lifestyle
HarDior Dior AW 17

Dior takes menswear traditional and brought it to the forefront to the world we live in today. This collection will create new memories while brining back great memories for menswear. HarDior styling and fashion will be something that will be worn from the office to a rave.


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