Dreams Come True ~ Heart For Fashion


La Jolla O’Gara was an exceptional location for the 1st Annual Heart For Fashion, Hamilton’s Heart Foundation. The foundation founded in 2009 by Lynell Hamilton. The vision is  providing every child a chance by providing tools to create a future that is bright.


San Diego State University welcomed NFL celebrities, their wives, and children, celebrities, and benefactors to the event. The proceeds benefit the Hamilton Heart Foundation and Rady Children’s Hospital.

Hamilton Heart Foundation provides scholarships, day-to-day support, and educational support. The foundation collaborates with local churches schools, private agencies, and local advocacies. The foundation accepts in-kind donations and raises funds for economically disadvantaged children.

Rady Children’s Hospital  is the only hospital dedicated to children’s care and teaching hospital for pediatric care. This is the largest hospital in California. They believe in keeping children well by restoring, sustaining and enhancing the health of children.


The evening was kicked off with a visit from the La Jolla fire department. The issue with the alarm was corrected and the evening got underway. A silent auction of sports memorabilia filled the gallery. The likes of Mohammad Ali signed boxing gloves, Magic Johnson signed jersey, and Kobe Bryant signed basketball. Peyton Manning’s signed helmet went to a thrilled bidder, who had secured a Christmas gift.

The evening provided an opportunity for children to walk the red carpet and runway. This provided them with an insight to being cherished, accomplishing a dream, and real beauty. Jojo, a recent patient from Rady Children’s Hospital, was able to get out and enjoy the evening.  They enjoyed the Donut Bar and getting all dolled up for the runway.

Swimwear, dresses, and more graced the runway. Covering the project and Master’s of Ceremonies included Ty Hines, Rod Watson, Lisa Lane, and Lynell Hamilton. The children were  joined  on the runway by exceptional models and designers:

A model shaved Hamilton’s Heart Foundation logo in the side of her head. The fashion presentation was perfect for summers in beautiful La Jolla.


Beauty continued on the red carpet with NFL, celebrities, and benefactors. They enjoyed selfies, photos, and conversation. Sharing gourmet food, drinks, and elegance from the show room.

The night provided a strong community, elegance, and dreams for many in attendance. Looking to make a donation or learn more about Hamilton Heart Foundation? You can connect here.



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