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M The Movement New York Fashion Week

M The Movement, designer Simplicio Michael Luis Asis Herrera, at New York Style Fashion Week. The fall winter 2017 collection brings the global community inspiration to the runway, while remaining true to the brand identity. Read more here

Zoan Ash Couture Style Fashion Week NYC FW17

Sultana Ash, designer for the Zoan Ash Couture label, brings Bangladesh beauty, glamour, and royalty richness to the New York Runway. The recently launched label hits Style Fashion Week  with couture for every women who loves to feel elite. read more here

Runways Full of Color. Read more here.


Denim is the theme of casual Friday at New York Fashion Week. The runway fills with color each day. The seasonal trend color is red, but the catwalk is filled with a runway of colors perfect for everyone’s favorite. Read more here.

Casual Friday at NYFW FW17 Trends Details Here

Celebrities, buyers, designers, and media hustle around New York in their casual Friday looks to catch the latest runways for autumn winter 2017. Day two runway trends continue with a new twists on ready-to-wear. Read more here.


New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017 Details Here

As the snow falls in New York City designers, models, and buyers gather for fall winter 2017 collections. The runways fill with floral prints, tweed, variations on sleeves, and a little shoulder. Read more here

HarDior Dior 4Chion Lifestyle
HarDior Dior

HarDior ~ Dior Menswear Autumn Winter 2017

Dior takes menswear traditional and brought it to the forefront to the world we live in today. This collection will create new memories while brining back great memories for menswear.

Jeremy Scott and Moschino AW17 Runway


Scott’s Moschino line is a luxury brand. Scott is an American designer from LA. His started in 1998 at Paris Fashion Week. His brands are known for a more whimsical design and inspiration.

D' Jesus Trujillo 4Chion Lifestyle
D’ Jesus Trujillo The Walking Man

D’ Jesus Trujillo

He provides a vision to his life with his personal style, work ethic, and dedication. Keep an eye this year on social media to see the shoes that tie Trujillo’s style, mission, and uniqueness to his inspiration.

Gigi Hadid  Model of the Year

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is awarded  British Fashion Awards  model of the year. Her year is full of great fashion, hosting, runways, and record setting.

Victoria’s Secret Runway 2016

Victoria’s Secret

This evening the runway watched world wide is filled with beauty, fantasy, and excitement. Victoria’s Secret, a lingerie company started by Roy Raymond, presents this seasons spectacular collection at Grand Palais.

Style Fashion Week presents fashion in Palm Springs.
Shanna Gall with Mckenzie Olsen

Shanna Gall

Shanna Gall brings her spring summer 2017 couture collection to Palm Springs. She brings a unique modern style to her love of the Renaissance and Crinoline period. This fashion collection will grace the red carpets and best parties for the upcoming season.

Yas Couture Net Chit
Yas Couture at Art Hearts Fashion Week in Beverly Hills

Yas Couture

Yas Couture joins Art Hearts Fashion Week at Beverly Hills Hilton. Yas Couture designer is Elie Madi, from Kuwaiti, presents his haute couture spring summer 2017 collection.

Style Fashion Week presents fashion in Palm Springs.
Yana Kovas at Style Fashion Week

Yana Kovas

Yana Kovas is often seen at fashion shows around the globe. Her presence is not as a designer or model, but management. Her company, Mar-Yana Agency, manages some of the top models in Los Angeles, produces shows world wide, and manages talent.

Style Fashion Week presents fashion in Palm Springs.
Joshua Christensen Style Fashion Week

Joshua Christensen

Joshua Christensen takes his love of Venice Beach and creates a swimwear line. He titles this casual beach and swimwear with his a play on his initial (J.C  the collection name J. Sea).

Metro Fashion Week Warner Brothers
Metro Fashion Week Warner Brothers

Geneva Fashion Week

The first fashion week in Geneva Switzerland is scheduled in early spring 2017. The promo tours produced by ADC Diffusion is just an introduction to the spectacular fashion week. The New Generation evening is glamours. It is held at DS Store Genève.

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