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This year’s runways are filled with fun and flirty sleeves. This trend is not only for spring/summer, but fall/winter. The sleeve trend seen on runways, top red carpets during award season, and in your personal closet.


The shawl with sleeves, bell sleeves, sheer, opened shoulder, sleeves flowing past the hands, puff sleeves,voluminous bracelet sleeves, textured and hanging sleeves are just a few of this trend. This play with sleeves brings flirty, tempting, romantic, and fun. These statement sleeves brings a personality to your personal style.

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Phoenix Fashion Week holds it annual Spring Into Style event at Jokake Inn at The Phoenician. This styling event takes 6 top stylist to style the top trends this season. Style Stalkers’ focused style is “Statement Sleeves.” Ketonya Bankston from Style Stalkers gives a little insight to the trend, Style Stalkers, and how she faces each day for success.

Style Stalkers Phoenix Fashion Week 4Chion Lifestyle

4Chion Lifestyle

  • “What are the current sleeves trending?”

Ketonya Bankston 

  • “The current style in sleeves are bell sleeves or very full/puffy sleeves.”

4Chion Lifestyle

  • “What do sleeves bring to the finished look?”

Ketonya Bankston 

  • “Sleeves add emphasis to your personal style. Statement Sleeves may be the current fashion trend, however it’s the actual style that helps to personalize it for your own personal style and liking. Some people are more zealous with their style and therefore choose outgoing bold styles. Others may be a bit more modest and subtle and choose a style that is less dramatic.”

4Chion Lifestyle

  • “What is the statement sleeve we can look forward to at Spring Into Style?”

Ketonya Bankston

  • “Honestly this question is too narrow as we’ve chosen more than one style of sleeve that will be shown on the runway.  We’re using a custom designer out of Houston, TX and her designs are FABULOUS and more than one dimensional. She’s actually a Phoenix Fashion Week Alumni, which makes this event even more special.”

4Chion Lifestyle

  • “What are the difference in sleeves from spring/summer to fall/winter?”

Ketonya Bankston

  • “The obvious difference would be the fabric used and length. There’s not too much more difference that I’ve noticed. Of course prints and colors change from season to season.”

4Chion Lifestyle

  • “What is one styling tip for spring/summer 2017 that you recommend for making a statement?”

Ketonya Bankston

  • “Always stay true to who you are in fashion. Otherwise, if you don’t, your look tends to look forced and unrealistic. When you dress in what pleases you and NOT by what’s in by popular demand, you’ll always stand out in a positive manner. Fashion/Style is also about having a particular attitude, personality and self-confidence. If you’re confident enough you can make a sack cloth look trendy….. Personality goes a long way!”

4Chion Lifestyle

  • “What is one thing you do each day to make it successful?”

Ketonya Bankston

  • “PRAY!”

4Chion Lifestyle

  • “How did you get to the styling path?”

Ketonya Bankston

  •  “I’ve always had a love and passion for the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry. As a professional model, it’s important for me to KNOW makeup, fashion/style and beauty. This industry isn’t a hobby; it’s one of my passions. Therefore, I earned a degree and Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Advertising and I’m blessed to do what I love doing!”

We are looking forward to the complete styling of this hot fashion trend. You can purchase ticket here, download the Phoenix Fashion Week app to nominate your favorite styling trend from the runway, or stay tuned on 4Chion Lifestyle social media for exclusives from this exciting runway.


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