Robot Chicken on The Red Carpet

Robot Chicken Emmys 4Chion Marketing
Mike Fasolo (writer), Tom Root (writer), Matthew Senreich (creator), and Deirdre Devlin (writer) Emmy’s Creative Arts 2016 Red Carpet

Mike Fasolo (writer), Tom Root (writer), Matthew Senreich (creator), and Deirdre Devlin (writer) join us on the red carpet at the Emmy® Creative Arts Awards. Robot Chicken is on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

Seth Green, actor, and Matthew Senreich created this comedy hit. The series uses action figures and incorporates pop culture parodies. The story draws in audiences of all ages by using past and present pop culture references.

The team enjoys working together on the series together. The ability to work with such a creative topic that draws in from pop culture makes this fun instead of work. The work continues to grow and improve each season. Thanks to the talent on the show and the many actors and actresses that participate.

This is the longest running series for Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. The team works hard to keep the stories creative and not become pigeon holed. They said each day is successful with the crew because they fed off each other’s positive energy and uniqueness.

Robot Chicken took home 1 Emmy at The Creative Arts for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation.

See all the photos from the two-day event here:










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