All The Runway Details

Backstage LAFW

Runway fashion shows require all the details from the sketching, designing, makeup, hair, and nails. This provides a complete look for buyers, stylist, and models during fashion week. Badgley and Mischka said, “fashion shows complete the process and we can see the full vision walk down the runway.” Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW) provided the complete look for each designer.

Ani Michele Nail Polish Owner

Ani Michele at LAFW

Nail polish is a final touch of color, theme, and design. Ani Michele provides nail service for the entire fashion week. Ani Michele brought vegan, chemical and cruelty free, and positive saying on each nail polish bottle. This provides a final detail to runway styling. The official nail polish sponsor has always been intriguing to the owner since she was a child.

Make-Up Backstage LAFW

The official make up sponsor, Cinemas Secrets with Shanna Cistulli as lead makeup, provides great looks for each designer. They provided: smoky eyes for the Brunch With The Band on Saturday, prepared a stunning look for couture designer Michael Sta. Maria’s international debut, minimalized look for Marcello Quadros, and the audience participation show by designer Toit Volant. Maurice Stein’s, owner of Cinema Secrets is an Academy Award-winning makeup artist.

Hair Styling Backstage LAFW

L’Oreal Professional  with Timothy Ro from Luxe Lab creates hair that is fitting for any model and designer. Creating a unisex avant-garde hairstyle for Esther Perbandt‘s shows, sweet innocent looks for Rose Cottage, a children’s collection, and a great couture feel for Michael Sta. Maria‘s show.

Each designer knows the value of a great finished looked using exceptional styling with: shoes, sunglasses, purses, and accessories. This provided the sex appeal for each designer’s fashion show.



LAFW ensured that the final looks were complete for the invite only audience. This was important for buyers, stylists, and press to have the best designers’ envisioned styling. Details matter when presenting the next seasons designs. Increasing brand awareness, purchasing power, and marketing the upcoming fashion.


Makeup: Cinema Secrets, Ty Marie Frost, Shanna Cistulli, Roczane Enriquez, Kelly Jurado, Andy Calero, Tania Russell, and Sephora

Hair: Loreal Pro US, Luxe Lab Belair, and Timothy Ro

Nails: Ani Michele Nail Polish

Photography: Raymond Forchion Jr.




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