Artist and Musicians at Art Hearts Fashion Week


Art Hearts Fashion not only brings the top designers down the runway, but provides a venue for artist to present their collections and musicians perform at the gallery. The gallery provides a location to reflect and provide introspect into the world of art, music, and fashion.

Eugene Huffman the art director works with Sarah and Erin Whitaker, at Parker Whitaker Productions, to bring in the best artist and musicians. The presentation includes pop art, musical performances, photography, abstract, destroyed film, and sculptures.

The gallery takes you to a new location and space away from the runway. Artists presents a great interpretation to their art. The sculptures from old film stripes or metal created depth inside the gallery walls. Each painting provided exceptional insight to the artists’ techniques, style, and talent. The photography captured the use of light and exposure opening your mind to the world.

Connie Kurtew, visual artist, presents her photography. The one photography that caught your eye was an abandon car in front of a closed older gas station in Utah. The lighting and angles created the feeling of cold. She created the final look using different exposures from the photo shoot.

Eugene Huffman presented abstract expressionist art with new techniques. He relies on different materials to great different effects. He adds great depth and geometric shapes in his art creations.  Different light and interpretations at different angles brings the audience to their own reflection.


Sham Ibrahim, pop artist, drew attendees to the art gallery with his outdoor display. He is so drawn to the story behind the portraits he creates. He started when on set creating celebrity portraits while working with them. The pop art draws you in with the tones and colors, but the story takes over each image as your eyes wander through portrait.

Omar Wysong outdoor sculptured art provides a great dimension to your yard, while creating realistic agaves, saguaro cactus, palm trees and other varieties of plant and wild life. His designs presented in the gallery created from the drought conditions in California.

musical artist art hearts fashion 4Chion marketing

The gallery provided a series of musical performances during the week. Purple Crush and Space Cream filled the air with their musical talent.


Space Cream did not start out wanting to sing, but as a child she would sing. This was a great success. She loved Joni Mitchell growing up. She has fallen in love with David Bowie and Glam. Her one piece of advice is don’t judge yourself by what others are saying. She will be on tour starting in July on the west coast. Keep an eye out for Space Cream Seattle to Phoenix. Her unique niche and style brings a great performance to Art Hearts Fashion.

Fredrick Faith, costume designer, said, “he reaches into his experience and knowledge to create his art.” Eugene Huffman and Parker Whitaker Productions put together a full experience for each attendee to reach into their experience and enjoy the various arts and creations.

Each artist can be contacted regarding their art for your home, office, and life:

  1. Omar Wysong
  2. Sham Ibrahim
  3. Eugene Huffman
  4. Lisa Whitmore
  5. Connie Kurtew
  6. Josef Jasso
  7. Molly Gruninger

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