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Rebecca Minkoff
Spring Summer 2016 NYFW

Fashion hitting the runway 6 months before your local clothing show will be changing. This approach will meet the buyers, shoppers, and profitability needs for fashion. Consumers today are excited by runway experience. They would love to be the first on the block to have runway styling, fashion, and look. Many slow fashions have struggled to compete and market their products against fast fashion companies.

Many fast fashion retail stores like: H&M, Forever 21, and Zara have been able to use the six months to have the latest trends in stores for consumer to purchase long before design houses hit the shelves. There marketing and branding have fit the consumers excitement for styling and fashion instantly. Designers on the six month retail turn around from runway to purchase slow sales and relevance.

Tommy Hilfiger SS16 NYFW
Tommy Hilfiger Spring Summer 2016 New York Fashion Week

Tom Ford, menswear designer, announced recently that he will be showing his fall winter 2016 collection in September. He will then have the product available instantly.  The fall winter collections traditionally have shown in February allowing for orders, production, and marketing the fall winter season fashion. This is another sign that market changes are coming about with availability of fashion trends to consumers.

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) presented this purchase approach with Rebecca Minkoff and Tommy Hilfiger’s spring summer 2016 show (this was during FW16 showing) this past week in NYC. Rebecca Minkoff’s show presented celebrities, Coco Rocha, Olivia Palermo and Kate Bosworth, then purchasing the fashion right after the runway show.

Rebecca Minkoff Designer Fashion NYFW FW16
Rebecca Minkoff NYFW SS16

This approach has been used by Victoria’s Secret in years past. This has proven to be  successful for the brand, marketing, and sales. They build the show up, present the latest intimate apparel in a fun runway, and have a large push for purchasing the product from the evening to the next day.

This allows for the consumer to immediately purchase the items they loved on the runway today. The use of Instagram, Twitter, and more bring the runway to the consumer instantly . Marketing fashion in this manner allows for the brand to be relevant long after the runway without trying to recreate the relevance six months later in this era of instant connection.

Designers, production companies, and models are ready for this current change in the fashion world. IMG brought forward new marketing concepts for their runway shows in NYC this NYFW season.

These changes provided:

  • Brand awareness
    • Runways
    • Designers
    • Models
    • Stylist
    • Products
  • Continued relevant conversation
    • Runway
    • Purchasing
    • Styling
    • Hashtags
  • Viewing opportunities
    • Shows
    • Online
    • Social media
  •  Upcoming trends provided during relevant times
    • Bloggers
    • Print media
    • Buyers

This new change will allow for a continued growth in the fashion industry, by meeting the consumer needs, making each brand relevant, and providing a stronger profit in the near future.

4Chion Marketing is your location for fashion show marketing. We can provide continued support build up your event, provide continued social media postings and support, hashtag development, brand awareness, and more. We have the knowledge, track record, and experience providing great marketing from the runway to purchase.




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