Super Bowl Commercials A Hit or Miss?

Super Bowl Fifty
Super Bowl 50

The game is over, congrats Denver Broncos, the food is gone, beer consumed, but the commercials linger. The reviews of Super Bowl 50 are a mix on social media. The half time show provided a look back over the years. The national anthem was a performance of a lifetime for Lady Gaga. The Super Bowl commercials were a mix of bowel movements, toe fungus, cars, and food.

The bowel movement commercials seem fitting with all the consumption of food, drinks, and alcohol. The cost for a 30 minute ad during the show 5 million dollars. Bringing a large audience for brand awareness, conversation that lasts for years, and chance to be the best commercial at the game.

What was the best and worst commercial? Depends on what purchase and enjoy watching. There were the animals, babies, and cars. Not sure what the puppy money baby really was. This seemed to be a miss over all by most. Many were freaked out by the creation. This commercial is still being talked about on news reports, social media, and more. The fact this was not well accepted, but did keep the conversation long past the thirty second commercial.

USA Today top 5 commercials listing for Super Bowl 50. They listed the Hyundai First Date as the hit of the evening. This commercial presents a young woman going out on a first date and her father, played by Kevin Hart, offers his car for the evening out. He uses the GPS to follow them around on their date. The commercial did have a some negative comments, but overall was a hit with the audience and social media.

4ChionMarketing’s Twitter survey during the game provided the Doritos Ultrasound commercial as the top pick of the evening. This commercial showed the bound between father, with a bag of Doritos, and his unborn child. This was a funny commercial.


Heinz Meet THe Ketchups
Heinz Ketchup Respons To Oscar Mayer’s

Our team enjoyed the Meet The Ketchups ad, but this may not surprise many with our love for dogs, especially our own office lab beagle rescue. Oscar Mayer’s is wondering where their many dogs on the loose are. Heinz responds to the lost dogs.

Hyde The Marketing Dog
Hyde, The Marketing Dog

The Super Bowl is the all American holiday. Where else can you get food, football, entertainment, commercials, and conversation on social media? This conversation carries over many brands, products, and communities. This conversation is great for your business social media, demonstrating how important brand awareness, and how marketing plays in your company.

The cost maybe be $166,666.67 per second, but the lasting impression, conversation, and strong brand awareness over a large attentive audience is worth the cost. What was your favorite commercial from Super Bowl Sunday? Post your choice in the comments below.





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