The Walk Of Fame

Jadyn Douglas Golden Globes Red Carpet
Jadyn Douglas with Husband Andre At Golden Globes After Party

Actresses hit the red carpet, public event, or interview presenting a strong elegant personal style. Getting pose ready for that one moment on the red carpet takes a team  for the perfect dress, style, hair, and make-up. Jadyn Douglas, an actress from Telenovela, put together a team for her personal style and image creating a look that presents confidence and beauty. Each element requires understanding the current styles, events, and the actress’ image. This team consists of:

Jadyn Douglas Inteviews with After Buzz Splash American Latino
Jadyn Douglas     Interview Ready


The stylist team starts early before each season to prepare to have that perfect look for their clients. They begin with fashion shows world-wide, meeting with fashion designers, studying current color trends, and knowledge of their clients’ personal style, brand, and image. Gathering several designs, accessories, shoes, and other styling needs allows to meet the demands for each event and the actresses’ input. This research and time pays off when the actress makes a splash on the media circuit, red carpet, or celebrity event.

jadyn Douglas NBC Telenovela
Jadyn Douglas Red Carpet Pose

The team creates a level of privacy and comfort for the actress. They spend time staying current with fashion, hair, makeup, and upcoming trends. The end results a beautiful confident actress posing on a red carpet, interviewing, or enjoying the latest event. Let us know your favorite look for the Jadyn Douglas in the comments.

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