How David Bowie Influences Your Brand

David Bowie Image @CNN Twitter

David Bowie left us exceptional performances, a legacy being true to self, and merged this with his brand. True to the end he left us with a farewell message constant with his life brand and products. He will be truly missed, but we are lucky to have lived during the time of this amazing artist and business man. 

David Bowie, born David Jones, brought a brand that remained relevant and current over generations of time. The brand remained true to the original presentation. There was not a lot changing from what he set out in the beginning of his fame. The brand remained current through time, while setting a new standard for others to follow.

The branding approach insured that everywhere David Bowie went fans knew who he was, what he was, and exactly what he was going to present. His fan base grew because he was innovative, bold, true to his brand, and daring in marketing his brand.

Branding your business requires:

  • Define your brand
  • Build your brand
  • Keep in mind what is driving your brand
  • Speak with your customers
  • Stay relevant
  • Stay current
  • Innovative
  • Keep your voice and brand consistent
  • Create your own identity

Developing a strong brand can create relationships that are loyal and lasting, better sales, and a sharing of values. Keeping your business your brand not your individual personality. David Bowie was able to keep this separation from his personal life to his brand, as stated by his wife Iman.

Marketing for your brand requires keeping it about business, SWOT analysis, marketing plan, budget, pricing, and product development. This will allow for your brand to present the values, product, and voice for your business. This marketing allows for your brand to be influential in the industry, cross industries, and recognized for value.

We have lost a great artist, musician, and someone who knew how to manage his business, but were lucky enough to enjoy his talent and brand. His life up to the end was dedicated to his fans and brand. He left them with message of good-bye and thank you for being loyal. His brand will inspire, teach, and entertain for generations. Develop your brand to be strong, influential, and long lasting.

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