Reaching Your 2016 Resolution

New Year Resolutions
Happy New Year!

This is the time of year to re-evaluate the marketing goals for your business. There are so many venues, media, and more where your customers are located.

Developing a plan that is going to best meet your product, service, and customer needs is key to a successful plan. There are many options for marketing your business a few are:

Every aspect of these marketing venus have recent developments and changes.

Resolutions and Goals
Marketing Goals

The key to setting your yearly marketing goal is your branding. Keep your message constant, remain present, and communicate with your audience. Google provides some great insight to purpose, power of influence, and experience with the complex arenas for marketing.

Social media marketing is a location to interact with your customers, provide brand awareness, and product information. Keep in mind that customers have a lot of information to process through each day. Keep it focused, consistent, and simple.

Make your social media message memorable, catching, and don’t forget the image. When setting up your goals and contest for social media keep in mind the FTC is now regulating marketing on social media.

Setting your marketing goals numbers can be set to increase:

  • Sales
  • New clients
  • New relationships
  • Increased social media conversations
  • Return of investments on advertising
  • Brand awareness
  • Conversations of sales

The numbers can be:

  • Short term: monthly goals or quarterly goals
  • Longer term: year over year or yearly goals

It is a good idea that these goals should fit with your finance objectives, stretch your business, believe in the goals, and fit your overall business needs.

Remember keep it simple, but simple does not mean simple work. May your marketing goals bring you conversation, conversions, brand awareness, and increased sales.

4Chion Marketing is here to assist with your marketing needs. Contact us today email phone 623-241-7424.

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