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Getting your message, products, and brand across the Internet can feel like a highway during rush hour traffic. Marketing and advertising your message requires some knowledge and expertise.  Getting your ads on the Internet create a new set of knowledge and understanding. There are many companies and locations to process your small business ads. There is a set of rules, design specs, and keywords and keyword pricing to just get started creating the ad. Understanding terminology will assist with a broader knowledge and understanding of Pay per click ads.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) –This is a type of marketing is charged per customer click to the website or landing page.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) – Money made compared to the amount of money spent.
  • Keyword Bid – The maximum amount you are willing to pay per click on a specific keyword.
  • Keyword – terms searchers use to locate products, and services on the Internet. Pay per click ads allows campaigns to analysis cost, value, and keywords for best results.
  • Impression – Term for the viewing of an ad by a user’s browser.
  • Hits – Number of times a website is viewed by a user, can include more than one visit per user.
  • Cost Per Impression (CPM) – The cost per impressions usually charge at 1,000 impressions.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) – demonstrates how well your ad is performing.
  • Click – When a customer clicks a link in the ad. This click is recorded in your ad campaign.
  • Placement – The ability to place your ad in a specific location i.e. a specific website, game
  • Analytics – Ability to see what happens when a visitors goes to your website i.e. how long they stay, how they got there, what pages they visit.
  • Conversion – When a customer clicks the ad, and completes an action i.e. purchases something, or requests information.
  • Landing Page – The page that the ad link lands on.
  • Display Link – The website link that appears in your ad.
  • Destination Link – The location you want a user to go after they click the ad.
  • Relevance – The keyword, ad, website, and product/service need to relate.
  • Quality Score – The value of your ad including keywords, ad, and landing how well they relate and is it useful to someone.

Advertising products, services, and company on the Internet provides a broader audience for your company’s products and services. This venue allows for businesses to: set their own budget, create a campaign around specific gender, education, location, and ages, track the campaign in real-time, increase visibility, create a level playing field for any size company, and provides a venue, search engines, where 89% of customer go to look for products and services.

PPC campaigns can increase your visibility on the Internet, drive more customers to your products and services, and provide budget friendly advertising.  The flexibility and control of a PPC gives your company the advantage to monitor the cost, ads, and adjust the ads to increase CTR through analysis and reporting.  You can run an A/B campaign to determine what products and services customers are going to purchase, determine the message that is responded to best, and assist with improving future advertising and marketing materials.

PPC is essential in the world today. PPC increases your brand awareness and customer base. It is important to listen to the consumer, trends, and stay active in your PPC campaigns.  4Chion Marketing will be happy to assist with your PPC questions and campaigns.

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Tammy is the director of 4Chion Marketing. She has spent her career in communications, web design, and Internet marketing. She has a master’s degree in Internet marketing, undergraduate in professional writing, and a published author.

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