Politics and Social Media


Social Media and Politics

The Democratic and Republican conventions are an exciting time for America. Arenas filled with delegates, candidates, and news media pumping up the crowd for the next two months of campaigning and elections. The conventions are behind us and we have our candidates to follow and watch for the next two months. The conventions and parties are using social media to get their message and followers connected.

Tweeting, liking, donating, and sharing became the theme of the day at the conventions.  The conventions increased each candidate’s numbers for Tweets, Followers, and donations. The message was not just audio or visual, but written. These events were written conversation shared by the attendees, not just journalists. This allowed for those that were attending the convention to share their stories, experiences, and thoughts about the events during the day.  Those not in attendances were able to see candid photos, responses, and provide a new connection to the events.  The messages were shared across many social media venues including Instagram, Foursquare, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Republicans hit the social media and donations with impressive numbers. 4 + million Tweets, 14,743 Tweets per peak hour, 2.5 + million YouTube videos streamed during the event. They provided a service for those attending the convention the opportunity to donate to the candidates campaign from their mobile phones.

Democratic conventions hit social media out of the ballpark. They completed the over 5+ million Tweets, and 205,000 Facebook comments. The Obamas received the most Tweets during their speeches, President 52,988 and Mrs. Obama 30,510 per minute. Social media has continued to grow and expand since 2008 conventions a total of 365,000 Tweets from each convention.

The 2008 elections was the first year that candidates used social media to connect with the American people.  President Obama reached out to Marc Andereesen, a founder of Facebook, if it was possible social media could assist in communicating his message. Mr. Andereesen explained how it would allow for lead generation, collection of names, provide immediate feedback to negative messages, reach his constituents on a more personal level, and raise money. This changed campaign management by allowing a list of millions of names that can be reached immediately and created a brand for President Obama.

There has been a change in campaign management and for candidates from local to national elections will have the opportunity to reach their team, constituents, and American people with their messages, respond to them instantly, and have a list to mobilize for campaigning.

Social media is expanding and continuing to change the way we connect with family, friends, community, and the world.  4Chion Marketing does not promote or support a particular candidate and this article is not intended to influence your vote. We will be happy to assist with your social media questions or marketing campaigns.

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Tammy is the director of 4Chion Marketing. She has spent her career in communications, web design, and Internet marketing. She has a master’s degree in Internet marketing, undergraduate in professional writing, and a published author.

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