Using Foursquare for Your Social Media Marketing

4Chion Marketing

Flagstaff Arizona is a fan of Foursquare. This small college community is a great location and customer base for this service. Foursquare is not only great for small communities, but provides a social media site that allows for you to list your business, location, hours, and descriptions. Customers can use this to find a new location for services they use and provide instant feedback about customer service and products or services.

This location-based social media account is a fantastic way for plumbers, catering trucks, gardeners, and any mobile business. You can post your current location providing an opportunity for those in the area that may enjoy or need your business can quickly contact you regarding their need. This allows for Foursquare friends to receive updates about their friends. The explore button locates businesses in the area that the phone, iPad, computer etc. is located. This will give instant feedback about the business and customers post their comments and images.


This social media accounts offers a direct connection between customers and businesses by:

  • Provides a location for customers can provide feedback for product/services for improvement or company focus.
  • Create a reward for those who check-in at your business.
  • Drive customers to your business.
  • Customer comments can be like a blue light special as they are shop the store and see a great deal that you are offering can share it on their account.
  • The more a friend check-ins on Foursquare provides a badge and mayorship for check-ins.
  • Develops brand loyalty.
  • Give tidbits of information that check-ins receive keeping the information updated and current.
  • Provide a point number reward or drawing for check-ins during for customers who use the Foursquare.

Managing your Foursquare is similar to other social media accounts you need to:

  • Check your account often through out the day.
  • Upload the app to you mobile.
  • Respond directly, honestly and daily to those who respond to your post or send you a direct message.
  • Keep all messages that are important and delete unnecessary message after replying.
  • Check in often provide images and fresh content.
  • Keep an eye on your followers and un-follow followers not following you.
  • Offer directs specials to new friends or those who use Foursquare to check-in at your business.
  • Engage your audience.

Using Foursquare can enhance your business with customer feedback, brand building trust and communication, keeping your content fresh and current, connecting to a broader audience, and brand awareness. 4Chion Marketing will be happy to assist with your marketing through Foursquare. Please feel free to contact us today.

Contact: Tammy Forchion Director

Organization: 4Chion Marketing

Phone Number: 623-241-7424






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