Mexican Sunflower

This summer flower is vibrant, colorful, and does well in the Arizona heat. This plant will provide great color in your landscape from summer to fall. Phoenix AZ is not this dry and brown desert, but one that has many vibrant colored plants, similar to the Mexican sunflower.

The Mexican sunflower produces a yellow or orange color.  The growth of this plant is as high as 6 feet, but there are dwarf varieties of this plant. The flower will attract butterflies, humming birds, and bees (this is really helpful for flower production and if you have a garden the bees can pollinate those blooms).

Mexican sunflower originated in Mexico and Central America. The sunflower has a yellow center, grows shorter than a traditional sunflower, and has more leaves on the stem.

When planting this flower the main focus should be full sun and more sun. This is the only…

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