Using Twitter for Your Social Media Marketing

4Chion Marketing

Twitter is a great venue to get your message and product information to potential clients and your current customers.  Twitter has changed the way we communicate, connect, and share information. Twitter is often is mentioned on the news, movies, and other social media sites. This social media account can bring a broader audience into your business, develop brand awareness and trust, and provide fresh new content in a short message. Twitter allows you to interact from your business account directly with your followers. This is an advantage over Facebook.


Twitter provides a great venue to get a short message (140 characters total). This short message can be re-twitted, marked as a favorite, or provide a location to directly comment to the Tweet. Twitter allows for connection to many other app and social media accounts allowing for message sharing.

Twitter does have a few terms you should be familiar with:

  • Status – what are you currently doing
  • Tweet – public message response to other followers’ tweets
  • Retweets – broadcasting another followers’ tweet to your followers
  • Tweeps –  your followers (peeps)
  • Tiny URL – creating a shorten version of a URL to meet the 140 character requirement.

You are ready to start using Twitter. The account set up process is similar to Facebook. You will need to create an account ID Twitter uses the # tag at the beginning of your ID. Choose a picture that is visually connected to your business, this will assist with brand awareness and trust. Provide a brief (130 character description of your business). The last step is to set up the colors and background that will best represent your business. Keep the theme consistent with your marketing materials.

The account being set up you are set to begin connecting, tweeting, and delivering your message. There are a few guides to assist with getting the best results from your Twitter account:

  • Check your account often through out the day
  • Upload the app to you mobile
  • Respond directly, honestly and daily to those who re-tweet or send you a direct message.
  • Keep all messages that are important and delete unnecessary message after replying
  • Tweet often
  • Keep an eye on your followers and un-follow followers not following you
  • Do not go on a following spree keep this number close to the number of followers
  • Keep an eye on trending information on Twitter
  • Engage your audience

Using Twitter can enhance your business with brand building trust and communication, keeping your content fresh and current, connecting to a broader audience, and brand awareness. The factors stated Twitter is a great place to obtain current trending items and new knowledge on a daily basis

4Chion Marketing will be happy to assist with your marketing through Twitter. Please feel free to contact us today.

Contact:  Tammy Forchion Director

Organization: 4Chion Marketing

Phone Number: 623-241-7424





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