Marketing Trends 2012

 4Chion Marketing

2012 is more than half way over and marketing trends are in full swing. There continues to be a need to connect with consumers, keep up with cutting edge development, and get your message across the vast Internet. Here are the top marketing trends for 2012 (not in particular order):

  • Location social media and applications still concerns about privacy consumer want them
  • QCR apps scan boxes on business cards, menus, and grocery stores to name a few
  • Augmented reality the uses are endless for marketing!
  • Social media marketing needs to be expanding for small business
  • Social media marketing is producing brand awareness. Stay active and current with your social media accounts.
  • Video production is key to reach your audience and the consumer who find video resourceful. Search engines like Google
  • Content developing around your brand and product stories is essential.
  • Being relevant to your customers through blogs, social media, and other marketing venues.
  • Mobile marketing will continue to grow at a rate faster than Internet users.  5.1 billion cell phones in the world have SMS and 3.5 billion SMS are sent daily
  • The consumers voice will get louder on the Internet. Remember to respond directly and honestly.
  • Create user activated ads instead of automatic ad running create ads.

Marketing is essential in the world today. Your message and story carries weight when it comes to consumer decision power. It is important to listen to the consumer, trends, and stay active in your social media marketing, content, and videos. 2012 is innovation time for marketing, setting the tone for the future of consumer, businesses, and marketing.

4Chion Marketing will be happy to assist through consultation or packages specials to keep your business on the cutting edge and reaching customers. Please feel free to contact us today.

Contact:  Tammy Forchion Director

Organization: 4Chion Marketing

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Tammy is the director of 4Chion Marketing. She has spent her career in communications, web design, and Internet marketing. She has a master’s degree in Internet marketing, undergraduate in technical writing, and published author.

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