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Mobile phones use is increasing 10 times faster than online users, 3.08 billion of 5.1 billion cell phones are enabled with short messaging service (SMS).  Everyday there are 3.5 billion SMS sent everyday and 8 trillion every year. Mobile phones are used to research a business and contact the business from the same device.  Mobile SMS marketing is the way to reach your clients with fresh new content, specials, contests, product updates, current information, instant feedback, and empowering customers.
Reaching your customers through their mobile devices, a device that most carry at all times is a growing trend. The mobile device allows for the content message to have a higher response rate.
The industry has set up the following guidelines:

  • Consumers must opt-in
  • Ensure a privacy policy that is clearly stated to protect the consumer and SMS marketing
  • Handle information with privacy, par with local and national laws, and security
  • Clear messages regarding contests and specials
  • SMS marketing to those under 13 brings up ethical concerns

SMS is a great way to reach your customers. Customers who have friends receiving SMS feel left out when they realize that they are not getting the updated information or specials. Many companies use this service and have found success with keeping in touch with their customers.
Mobile Marketing
There have been many successful SMS and multimedia messaging service (MMS) campaigns to reach customers:

  • BMW used MMS when introducing new snow tires and this resulted in a 30% conversion rate.
  • Dress Barn offers an immediate 20% off for signing up for SMS. This was one of the top campaigns of 2011 and resulted in brand recognition and on the minds of shoppers.
  • Super Cuts this campaign allowed Super Cuts to retain customers, while obtaining new customers. This provides a way for Super Cuts to interact with their customers on a different level.

Getting these campaigns started will require researching on companies that manage these campaigns, what will be the most effective campaign, and lead generations.
4Chion Marketing will be happy to assist with setting up your mobile marketing campaign from researching the best SMS company for your business, lead generations concepts, campaign effectiveness, and analytic measurement. We look forward to continuing to provide your company with fantastic marketing services. Contact us today for your marketing needs.

Contact:  Tammy Forchion Director

Organization: 4Chion Marketing

Phone Number: 623-241-7424



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