Business Card Development

4Chion Marekting


Business cards are still an essential part of a business branding. Digital media may cover getting your business contact information to potential and current customers, but business cards are still needed to get the information to those looking for your company information.

When designing your business cards you must keep the branding consistent i.e. logo, colors, and font should be the same as your website, brochure, pamphlets etc. This will provide customers the idea that if they see your digital or print marketing that you are the same company.

Business Cards

            There is essential information that each business card should have:

  • Individuals full Name
  • Individuals title
  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Office phone number and extension if necessary
  • Mobile number
  • Fax number
  • Email address (this is not your personal email address, it is best to have a professional email address
  • Company address
  • Company hours

Business Card

There are additional items that can be added to the business card such as:

  • Products or service
  • Mission statement
  • Tagline
  • Quick response code (this provides a code for those with iPhones or androids to scan your company information directly into their phones)
  • Text Code to obtain contact information or receive updates on specials
  • Augmented reality
  • Social Media Sites affiliated with company

Design and layout of the company business card is something that should be appealing and catchy for your business. The type of paper you use varies:

  • Glossy this will provide a nice shine and is recommended for pictures and logos.
  • Matte this will provide a silky smooth surface without the shine.
  • Textured this will provide a unique stand out impressions.
  • Regular this will provide you with a basic business card that is run of the mill.

The impression you are making with your business card is not only to get your message, product, and contact information to potential clients, but also a sensory impression that is memorable.

Business cards remain a necessary part of your business marketing, but there are cutting edges that can bring your business card to the modern age.  Please feel free to contact 4Chion Marketing regarding your business card needs.

Contact:  Tammy Forchion Director

Organization: 4Chion Marketing

Phone Number: 623-241-7424



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