Wildlife and wildflowers really do produce results. Thank All Desert Gardening


March may blow in like a lion and leave as a lamp, but it is the best time in Phoenix to plant desert wildflowers in your yard. Many of these plants provide great color and add real color to your desert landscapes.

Wildflower landscapes provide great resources for animals in the community, hours of entertainment, and assist with the destruction of natural habitats for:

Birds nectar, food i.e. seeds, berries, insects (great natural insect repellant), natural flowers instead of ornamental provide hours of entertainment i.e. humming birds.

Butterflies~ find food and a location for creating a home

Lizards and Toads~ create habitats, eat insects, and you may see them crawl up the walls or site by the yard lights at night eating insects.

Beneficial Insects ~ ladybugs, lacewing flies, praying mantis etc. these insects help to control the pest population naturally, please use natural pest control when developing a landscape…

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