Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint For Small Business

Image4Chion Marketing is please to announce the introduction of Hosted Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Outlook for 2010 or 2011 provides the ability for your company to:

·      Manage email
·      Share contacts across your organization on either a PC or Mac
·      Schedule Meetings and sync tasks instantly by easily viewing and comparing information
·      Stay on top of vital information at home, on the road, in the office, or at an away meeting
·      Streamline your information and functions
·      Organize your day automatically
·      Protect your business from junk mail, viruses, and phishing
·      Allows you and your team to access and share critical information from any web browser, computer, tablet, iPad, or mobile device anytime, or anywhere
·      Establish public folders
·      Keep your business ahead of the competition and the curve with automatic updates for best advantage and capabilities
·      Free expert Microsoft Exchange® support for set up, maintenance and troubleshooting
·      SharePoint Intranet Portal
·      SharePoint meets government and industry standards
The plan for Microsoft Exchange include the following in the plan:
  • FREE Microsoft Outlook® 2010 or Microsoft Outlook® for Mac 2011
  • All Plans run on Microsoft Exchange Server®
  • FREE setup
  • FREE Exchange server upgrades, security patches, and virus and spam protection
  • Support for mobile ActiveSync® devices
  • Fast, reliable connections with 99.9% uptime
  • Anytime, anywhere access to your email, tasks and calendars
  • Extensive contacts and distribution lists
  • Optimized server, network and infrastructure security features
  • Full DNS management

“We get your business online and customers through your doors. We provided marketing products and services to a variety of small businesses searching for help with their marketing needs. Contact Us today with your questions raymond@4chionmarketing or 623-241-7424.

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