Lawn care in Phoenix has very specific needs for the hot dry desert climate and cool winter temps. Check this blog out.



Winter and summer grass planting is important to maintain the lush green lawn. The climate between winter and summer is so extreme that it requires that grass be planted twice.

Winter time plant rye grass during October, the best guide is when night temperatures reach 60 degrees on an average. The summer grass before over seeding the rye grass over the top of the Bermuda grass. This must be planted each year because rye grass will dye in early May depending on the evening temperatures.

Summer grass is Bermuda and does not require replanting each year. Bermuda grass goes dormant during the winter months. This grass will begin to green up in late April or early May. The best key for summer grass is to make sure that you are providing enough water for the grass.

Many in Phoenix do not plant winter grass because:

The water requirement many would…

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