Phoenix Lawn Care


Winter and summer grass planting is important to maintain the lush green lawn. The climate between winter and summer is so extreme that it requires that grass be planted twice.

Winter time plant rye grass during October, the best guide is when night temperatures reach 60 degrees on an average. The summer grass before over seeding the rye grass over the top of the Bermuda grass. This must be planted each year because rye grass will dye in early May depending on the evening temperatures.

Summer grass is Bermuda and does not require replanting each year. Bermuda grass goes dormant during the winter months. This grass will begin to green up in late April or early May. The best key for summer grass is to make sure that you are providing enough water for the grass.

Many in Phoenix do not plant winter grass because:

The water requirement many would like to conserve water

The time to prepare the lawn for planting

Maintaining lawn requires mowing. This is key to a lush lawn in a dry desert climate. The closer you mow your lawn the more often the lawn will need to be mowed.  Keeping the lawn mowed and taking no more that 1/3 of a time will allow for clippings to remain on the lawn adding benefits to the lawn. Collect clippings if you mow more than 1/3 inch, the lawn is diseased, and weeds are an issue.

Watering your lawn in a desert climate can be an issue with cost and conservation. The best guide to watering your lawn in a desert climate is:

Seedling require frequent light watering

Once the grass is rooted and well established (about 30 days) water every 2-3 days

A good guide to how long to leave your water on after it is established is to place an empty, cleaned tuna fish can on the lawn. Turn the water on and set a stop watch for how long it takes to fill the can. This is the time to set the water on your lawn. Remember to water early in the day or later at night when the sun is not high or as hot to keep evaporation levels down. This will allow for your lawn to remain green and keep the cost and use of water to a minimum. All Desert Gardening provides a free watering system evaluation to make sure your system it operating at its peak.

Fertilization is another key to keeping a healthy green lawn. There are many type of fertilization and requirements for your lawn. There is complete, starter, fast and slow releases. Please see your local nursery or contact All Desert Gardening for a fertilization consultation and application.

Living in a desert climate does not mean brown dry grass. All Desert Gardening has the expertise to assist with your desert lawn. Contact Lamar at 623-215-5607 today.

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